When your ex-boyfriend makes the move to start dating again, it may feel like he’ s pressing a knife straight through your coronary heart. Obviously, this only applies if you’ re still carrying the torch for the man.

3 Responses to “Ways to get Him Back When He’s Moved on – Tips to Win Your Ex Boyfriend Back again (Charles Bill)”

  • Brian:

    i broke up with my ex boyfriend 3 weeks ago because he lied to me.
    i miss him soo much
    i feel lost with out him
    i proppa want him back
    i have told him i love him, i need him and everything but he doesnt listen he acts like nothing is up, and isnt telling me how he feels, and he isnt talking to me! i wont even talk to him mum about it! (they are really close)
    how can i get him back?
    what should i do? <3

  • Thomas A:

    Okay, so my friend recently told me two of my ex boyfriends rate me because I’m a good kisser and I don’t stop. But, what don’t I stop? Kissing? Is this a good thing? And what does ‘rate’ mean? :S
    I only kissed these boys, I’m only 13 :/

  • dubmecrazy3:

    care so much that I’m dating a girl while taking care of my daughters? I’ve known this girl since I was six years old, we’ve been best friends. She’s a wonderful girl, but over a year ago we started to date. My Ex-Boyfriend (The Father of my Twin Girls) acts like I’m hurting my Twin Girls?
    @1000 Man Embassy – If you can come up with one good reason why I’m disgusting for being in love with someone without actually hurting anyone then I’ll give you the best Answer. I promise your disgusting Homophobic Ass that.
    @1000 Man Embassy – Once again, you gave no good reasons why I’m disgusting. My feelings for this girl isn’t a choice just like your Heterosexuality isn’t a choice. Homosexuality is in both Animals and Plant Species. Homophobia is the fear/hatred of Homosexual and it’s in no other species except for Humans. I think you should re-think what you just said. And, Society didn’t except Females as Equals to Males for a very long time, but eventually they did. What makes you think that Society doesn’t and will never accept Homosexuality?

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