Feb 13, 2014

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You’ re wondering what to say to get your ex back. You’ re at a loss. You’ ve tried explaining to them the actual mean to you and how much you wish you two were still with each other. It hasn’ t worked even though. You’ re no closer to getting them back and you’ ve be depleted of ideas. You’ re wise to be searching for information on exactly how to approach your ex. Saying one thing incorrect can actually alienate them more and cause such a divide between you 2 that a future together just won’ t ever happen.

Here are 3 things you can say to your ex that will have a positive impact on all of them:

I’ m sorry. It takes a big person to own up to the mistakes they’ ve made in a relationship. It’ s so much easier to place all the blame for the split up on their partner’ s shoulders. It’ s not fair though but it will surely also end up in them resenting you. Tell your ex how sincerely sorry you are for what happened between the both of you. Don’ t hold back. Own up to that which you did and let them know that you seriously regret it. An apology like this can help to temper the past and set the particular tone for the future with all the bad emotions left behind.

Let’ s i9000 take some time to think about things. One of the most unselfish things anyone can do after a split up is allow their partner time to themselves. When you’ re trying to hold onto the remnants of your broken relationship you’ ll call your ex several times a day or ensure you encounter them at least once in a while. Instead of acting like a love crazed stalker, give your ex some space. Period really does help to heal things and when you two have a bit of period apart you may both come to realize just how much you still love and need each other. Offer your ex some time alone and take the same for yourself. It will help.

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I’ deb love to be friends. When you try and get your ex to jump right back into a romantic relationship with you, they may feel overwhelmed and retreat emotionally. Correct then, you’ ll have done a lot of damage to your future with them. You have to have long term thinking instead of what will gratify you at this time. Work on becoming good friends with your ex-mate. Most people are open to a relationship like this as it helps them to feel close as well. Once the friendship is strongly in place you can then start working on starting a new relationship emotionally again.

It’ s obvious that it takes some patience and planning to get your ex back. It’ s worth all the effort it takes though when the end result is a upcoming with the person you love most on the planet.

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