I have to admit that cross-cultural relationship is becoming really hot in society. Not only western men but also Chinese women are desirable to seek a foreign lifetime partner. Especially the Chinese women over thirty exactly who still keep single, they focus their target on marrying western men. After all, what makes them to constitute such a decision? We’ ll figure out in the following paragraphs.

In The far east, a woman who is still single at her thirties is considered a interpersonal outcast. It’ s hard for her to find a Chinese man who truly wants her to be a wife. On that circumstance, thirty-something Chinese ladies quit seeking a husband within mainland China, and they turn their particular target to find a foreign husband. This is an undesirable fate but it’ t a crucial fact for Chinese ladies!

If possible, Chinese females wan to find a Chinese man like a husband. It’ s also the expectation of their parents. While most Chinese men in their thirties are already married and those who are still single can easily prefer a younger partner. Even though, a Chinese man is willing to marry a woman at her thirties; whilst, his parents won’ t totally agree. It’ s the deep-rooted and stereotyped traditions that makes Chinese females at their thirties difficult to find a husband. And the situation associated with leftover women (Referring to those young ladies at their later twenties and thirties still remain single) has become increasingly fiercer in recent years.

Actually, thirty-something Chinese women aren’t superior to the younger Chinese girls. Rather, they are highly-educated, smart, independent, matured and considerate to deal with life problems. When the quarrel or contradicts take place, she can handle it in a matured way, instead of shouting at you with enormous anger and then leave you, leave home without hesitation. What’ t more, Chinese women at this age group are seriously seeking a marriage when you are dating them online. That’ t to say, your date with these young ladies at this circle can easily come to successful.

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  • timq3dimensionscom:

    Hi there, I’d appreciate some advice. :(

    I recently broke up with my boyfriend of 3 and 1/2 years about a month and a half ago, and I miss him like crazy! We were of two very different cultural backgrounds (I am Spanish-American and he is Korean-American), and we were consistently noticing that we differed in a number of areas. He is rather traditional, even though he lives in the States. His parents have a major influence in his life, and while I value family VERY much myself, I am more “westernized” in the sense that I value my independence from my parents greatly (even though I’m willing to support them and also take their advice on issues when I ask).

    Initially, his parents would say that the ethnicity of the woman he was to marry didn’t matter. When they noticed we were becoming serious (thinking about a long-term future and marriage), they began to give me ultimatums (ie: learn korean, cook korean food, follow the family values/traditions, respect elders as “in charge” of decisions, respect the man as “household head,” be less emotional and more respectful etc. or I would not be accepted as a daughter-in-law). These things caught me off guard. I mean, I had and have no problem learning the language and cooking the food and learning about the culture (i’ve actually been learning all those things!). But I was never notified by my now-ex that I would have to live with the parents and essentially adopt Korean cultural values to an extent that started to seem more like me assimilating to his family and cultural norms, while my Spanish roots and American/western upbringings and values would be seemingly significantly less “important” in practice (kids would have Korean names, we’d speak primarily Korean in the home as opposed to Spanish or English… etc).

    I loved and still love my ex very much. He loves me too and was the most generous, sweet, intelligent man I’ve met. He was always looking out for me and my well-being. He would cook for me, visit me every day, take me out, and we just “clicked” when it came to our personalities. Our career aspirations are also aligned (both of us are in graduate school), and I truly can say that I enjoyed his company immensely, even if we weren’t doing anything in particular. Three years in, and I still got butterflies every time I saw him. However, when his parents declared what they expected of me, he seemed to stop being the understanding, “partner in crime” that I’ve come to know and adore. He instead agreed that they are things I’d have to do. When I asked him to compromise on certain things, he said he could not b/c his family has already become “western enough” since moving to the states, and he does not want to lose his culture any more as it will upset him and his parents (his parents seem to be involved in everything).

    I ended up breaking things off b/c I was worried that I’d have to do most of/all of the compromising, and I was scared of thereby swapping my own culture for his. When it happened, it was so abrupt. It was a Wednesday, and we had a date planned for the coming Friday, and I just TEXTED HIM (I honestly just had a meltdown/panic attack) and told him it was over. He replied with, “Meet me next week to talk.” and didn’t say anything else. The following week, I went to see him in person and explained the reasons. He said he didn’t agree with my decision and thought we could maybe work things out, but that he’d accept it and from now on try to date Korean girls (since he’s always only dated white girls/latinas etc)…

    This hurt A LOT because we both still love each other immensely, and we both admitted that we do. We’ve been trying to remain friends, but it’s SO hard because whenever I see him, I just want to hold him again. :( I broke down a few days ago and asked to get back together, but the ultimatums still essentially stand. I just love him so much that I feel like I made a mistake in letting him go. Can’t love conquer all? Shouldn’t I be able to do whatever it takes to have him when I feel this strongly about him? I’ve cried every single day for a month. I just love him so much and feel like I can’t fathom being with another man…Did I make the wrong choice? How should I proceed? I’m just so heartbroken and confused. We’re still currently attempting the “friends” thing, but he always ends up getting flirty, and I leave our meet-ups in tears b/c I want him back so badly. Emotionally, I want him. Logically….I’m just not certain it’d work. PLEASE HELP!! Do I take him back out of our mutual love? Or is this a hopeless case? It might help for me to mention that we often “fought” in our relationship…perhaps once or twice a week…about cultural/value discrepancies…but could we maybe work on that?

    Thanks for reading!!
    Thanks so much for the responses thus far!

    Lilly – my family also takes its culture rather seriously, and I definitely understand what you mean when you say that he probably just wants to preserve his as well. The thing is, I wonder if logistically this would cause problems in the sense that I grew up speaking English and Spanish in my home, for example, so while I’m happy to speak Korean to my (ex)boyfriend’s parents, him, my kids, etc..I feel upset by the fact that he would not make an effort to also learn/teach them Spanish. The other thing is that while he says that he loves me and would always take care of me, I would have to accept a more “submissive” position as a wife. I’m not sure what to think of this….I mean, I will admit that even “traditionally” in my Spanish culture (and I think many cultures, tbh), men tend to be “heads” etc, but the way I was raised, I was taught to value equality. So it’s very strange to hear that he ex
    My edits got cut off! Lol…to continue:

    Lilly – So it’s very strange to hear that he expects me to essentially be an “obedient girl”….? I’m not sure how to interpret this, and I probably just don’t understand. Could you shed some light on this issue?

    Elmbeard – I definitely can relate to what you’ve posted. I want him to be happy above everything else. And I’m concerned that by making him compromise or essentially not allowing him to date a Korean girl…I’m preventing him from really enjoying and fully experiencing his culture. Even though I love him dearly….I don’t ever want him to be unhappy. :( He said he won’t compromise any more than he has too…so I don’t want to stress him and push him to change things, nor do I want to feel like I’m being forced to do some things either. To answer your question – most of my faily lives in Spain, scattered through the rest of Europe, and the States (with me!) :) …I’ll admit that

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